Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Christmas CakeMixing at Lalit

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Sarvajanik Ganeshotsava celebration was in full swing at our colony-ground.  We the children were engrossed in the mesmerizing magic tricks of colorful handkerchiefs , pigeons in the hat , playing cards , feathers etc. Suddenly the exotically dressed magicians called one of us kids on the stage. " What is your most favorite food, that you dream to feast  on 24*7 ? " ... asked the jovial magician. " Cake , Cake .... Christmas Cake! " ... exclaimed the lucky girl. 

Lo and behold,  the angelic magician muttered the magic mantra ... 'Abracadabra '... within a jiffy an enormous slice of  chocolaty Christmas cake appeared out of thin air , in the fist of magician. He started laughing Ho-ho-ho, just like a jolly good Santa Claus and fed that nutty slice of Christmas cake to the surprised girl. All of us  gaped open mouthed at that CAKElicious Fantasy. Since then feasting on Christmas Cake has been my Dearest Dream.

My Christmas Cake Feasting dream realized at  The Lalit Mumbai on December 16, 2016. We the food bloggers were invited for #TheLalitExperience of  Christmas CakeMixing ceremony as well as Sunday brunch from the FBAI #LetsEatFBAI. Have a look, yes right now , just a look, as we have to wait till Christmas to devour this Delish Dream. I must say it was a tempting twist to my Cake feast fantasy.  We had a choicest array of cakes , pastries , tarts etc.to savor from the newly launched 'Boulangerie' at The Lalit , Mumbai.

The #ChristmasCakeMixing Ceremony and Eating cakes from Boulangerie at The Lalit Hotels, Palaces & Resorts was literally the SPIRITual moment for us Food bloggers as Champagne , Rum , Wines were flowing freely in the cake mixture. The whole Poolside of #Lalit #Boulangerie .... 24/7 Restaurant, The Lalit Mumbai was fragrant with intoxicating essence of Fruits , Nuts , chocolate and alcoholic SPIRITs.

 #TheLalitExperience  was Chocolaty Sweet with  #LetsEatFBAI . Special Thanks to Ms. Namrata Kumar and Mr. Ankur Saluja with Saloni Mirchandani Malkani for grand Hospitality. 
Great many bottles of OldMonkRum, Wines that we all poured into the huge tub brimming with Dry Fruits, Coco Powder, Spices, CinnamonGingerApricots, Prunes, Tutti fruityCashew nuts , Almonds , Pistachios created an amazing visual feast. Believe me , #CakeMixing is much more than pure Fantasy. That's what we call #TheLalitExperience as the Gang of Girls join Food Bloggers Association, India (FBAI) for the FUN and enjoy. 

In life good bread is more important than anything else.  “Bad bread wrecks my outlook on life.” – Jeffrey Steingarten ( The man who ate everything ) . Taking hint from  this realization, the Lalit Mumbai launched  the " Boulangerie " , brain child of  Executive Director, Mr. Keshav Suri. " Boulangerie " is all set to enhance the breakfast and high tea experience by crafting the best breads. Bread is not just a food item, but also a way of life!
At Boulangerie, we are given the fresh bread – eating experience with a wide range of ingredients and flavors. The breads are free of Potassium, preservatives and premixes; to adopt a healthier way of life. The bread selection includes Walnut Prune Bread, Gluten Free Bread, Focaccia Bread, the Boulangerie Signature Bread and many more. The Lalit Boulangerie will also serves the confectionery items, chocolates and cakes including designer and customized cakes for special occasions.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Be Happy #BaharBoloGoodknight


Always " Be Happy ... Don't Worry about Dengue / Malaria , Be Ready with Good Knight Fabric Roll-On , out of home, mosquito repellent ".

Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi with Godrej CPL launched India's 1st Anti Mosquito Good Knight Fabric Roll-on personal repellent ( 100% natural , Child safe ) on 29th September, So from now on ... 
#BaharBoloGoodknight . Just 4 dots of Good Knight need to be applied on clothes which protects us against mosquitoes for 8 hours , outdoors. 

 At present 95% of Indian population lives in malaria or dengue prone areas . 85% of Indians are aware that Dengue can be life threatening. 65% of Indians are worried that their child is prone to Dengue. 90% of Indians are unaware that Dengue mosquitoes bite in the day. However, they do nothing about it outdoors, where there are more mosquitoes. 

Good Knight ( Godrej CPL ) encourages kids to step outside with "Khul ke Jiyo Ghar Ke Baahar" , after launching India's first Anti-Mosquito Fabric Roll-on personal repellent. The range also includes Good knight Cool Gel and Good knight Patches.

Sunil Kataria, Business Head-India and SAARC, GCPL said, “There is an alarming rise of vector borne diseases like Dengue and Chikunguniya across the country, there is a lack of awareness that the mosquitoes that spread these diseases, usually bite during the day. Another reason for low adoption for outdoor and personal mosquito repellents has been the lack of innovative products. No product in the market can make it amenable for users to use everyday. Keeping these in mind, we have launched the new Good knight outdoor personal repellent range of products, which are not only easy and safe to use; but also give 8 hours of protection against mosquitos. With this new launch, we are confident creating a new consumer habit of using outdoor repellents everyday.”


The campaign “Khul ke jiyo ghar ke baahar” was launched with a panel discussion that had celebrity parents, Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi, Dr. Mukesh Sanklecha - Consultant Pediatrician at Bombay Hospital, and Sunil Kataria. The panelists discussed how imperative it is to safe-guard children from mosquito bites since they are the most vulnerable. The discussion highlighted the criticality and urgent need to leverage schools, educators and parents and kids to develop the good habit of using personal repellents daily, as that is the best way to protect kids outdoors.


Lara Dutta, a doting and an active mother herself reflected on how things have changed and how necessary it is for parents to encourage their children to play outside. “As a mother I am continuously worried about my child’s well-being and safety whenever she is out of the protective environment of the home. Given the present scare of Dengue and Chikunguniya, we are extra cautious and want to give our daughter the best protection every time she steps out.  Good knight’s new Fabric Roll-On ensures that she is protected for a long time in an easy to use and convenient way.”

Mahesh Bhupathi added, “Both Lara and I always ensure that our daughter leads an active and sporty life and doesn’t confine herself indoors. Honestly, this does get hard at times like these when the newspapers are filled with news on Dengue and Chikunguniya. My endeavour is to teach her to stay safe at all times whether from injuries or diseases when she’s out of home. Good knight’s new range does put our minds at ease and helps us to encourage more mobility and outdoor experience for our daughter.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Near to Nature #BlueAir

Nature's Bountiful Beauty is all ours. By Nature , the nature is godly generous. Even the dream of walking in the lush green jungle full of flora and fauna, listening the melodious opera of chirping birds, watching the luscious and glorious bloom of fruits, breathing in the crystal clean air, fragrant with flowers ....... ascends us to seventh Heaven.

There's a Hell lot of distance and difference between the Dream and the reality. We humans have polluted the Mother Earth , with our greed for more and much more of this and that. We cut / burn jungles for wood. We capture / shoot animals to satiate our desires, which in turn destroys Bio-diversity. 'Global Warming' is not just a matter of Debate but Death as well.

A new WHO air quality model confirms that 92% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits*. Approximately 3 million deaths a year are linked to exposure to outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution can be just as deadly. In 2012, an estimated 6.5 million deaths (11.6% of all global deaths) were associated with indoor and outdoor air pollution together. Around 90% of air-pollution-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. Ninety-four per cent are due to noncommunicable diseases – notably cardiovascular diseases, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer. Air pollution also increases the risks for acute respiratory infections.

According to Dr Bustreo. "For people to be healthy, they must breathe clean air from their first breath to their last." Major sources of air pollution include inefficient modes of transport, household fuel and waste burning, coal-fired power plants, and industrial activities. However, not all air pollution originates from human activity. For example, air quality can also be influenced by dust storms, particularly in regions close to deserts.

On this scenario, to provide #CleanAirForEveryone ,  Blueair ( a world leader in innovative air purification technologies ) launched the hyper-efficient, street-cool and affordable Blue and the IoT-smart Classic ranges  in India.

Blueair delivers home and office users more clean indoor air for enhanced user health and wellbeing faster than any competing air purifier thanks to its commitment to quality, energy efficiency and environmental care. A Blueair air purifier works efficiently, silently to remove 99.97% of allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants. Sold in over 50 countries around the world, Blueair is geared to help support its customers everywhere.

"Our mission at Blueair is to help Indian women, children and men confront the health challenges posed by rising air pollution by giving them access to the best air cleaning technologies that can create safer indoor havens," said Blueair Director West and South Asia Region, Girish Bapat.
"Blueair is the brand leader in the premium segment of India's fast growing air purifier market. The launch of our new Blue air purifier creates a tremendous opportunity to allow even more people to breathe clean air at home and to further strengthen our position in the Indian marketplace," Girish said

Blue looks simple, yet packs a supremely efficient punch when it comes to trapping airborne dust, pollen, smoke, allergens, viruses and chemicals. Designed to appeal to today's health-aware younger generation, Blue leverages a radical new 360-degree air intake approach to air purification with a design geared to optimize airflow, boost particle retention, minimize noise levels and harness modularity for true ease of use at an affordable price.  With a new user interface, improved filtration efficiency and a brighter-white appearance, the latest Blueair Classic comes with Blueair's must-have built-in clean air intelligence technology that helps people better understand what is polluting their indoor air. The new-generation models deliver up to 20 percent more purified air on the faster speed setting, while also ensuring substantially lower noise level and power consumption thanks to improved fan technology.

The Blueair Blue is available now from Rs. 22,990, and the Blueair new smart Classic is available from Rs. 55,000. Blueair is founded in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden. It innovates, manufactures and commercializes award-winning air purifying technologies and products for consumers and businesses. Available in over 62 markets worldwide, Blueair air purifiers are designed to enhance user health and wellbeing by removing airborne allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other pollutants in home, work and leisure environments. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Let's Feast on #HealthyAlternatives

Indian Bloggers

Twinkle flaunted her loyalty to Godrej Nature's Basket products by flashing a bundle of her September's receipts from GNB and the photographers went crazy with Flashes. She believes that problems should be treated like bubbles, " Make them light, make then fly ". " Married not Branded " was Twinkle's #HealthyRetort to an untimely question by a journalist "Why have not you changed your surname after marriage?".

Godrej Nature's Basket( World Food Store ) launched #HealthyAlternatives an unique and specially curated wellness range.  The importance of Nutritious, Organic food in modern, hectic, stressful lifestyle was highlighted in light mood with Celebrity author, witty columnist and interior designer Mrs Funny Bones aka Twinkle Khanna,  Tanya Dubash (  Executive Director & Chief Brand Officer of Godrej Group ) and Avani Davda ( M. D. - Godrej Nature’s Basket) 


"You are what you eat. Eat Healthy, Feel Energetic with #HealthyAlternatives - Widest assortment of good-for-you nutritious  food  such as organic grocery, super grains, flours, natural fruit chips, roasted high protein snacks, gluten-free super-grain pastas, Greek yogurt, black rice, red rice, forest elephant rice, floral honey, free range eggs, tea blends, cows ghee, canola oil, olive oils, seed, seed powders and much more " elaborated Tanya.

It's difficult to make a really Right Healthy Choice while eating tasty food cause Golden Fried , Chatpataa Crispy, Spicy or Superb Sweets, which are doubly delicious are not half as nutritious and vice a versa. So How to balance our lifestyle to enjoy tasty food and nutrition simultaneously.?
Tanya Dubash shared, “ We understand that our customers are cognizant of wellness as a concept and the fact that we are what we eat. We have observed an accelerating trend in the demand for healthy foods and our new wellness range, #HealthyAlternatives , will tap into and deliver on this trend."

Avani Davda remarked, “Today health food is not just about baked or non-fried snacks, it also includes other categories like organic ingredients, gluten-free and vegan food, also products that cater to lifestyle needs like weight management, diabetes and heart friendly. #HealthyAlternatives is a way of living that we want to introduce to our customers.”

Enjoy wholesome taste, good health and wellness every day with #HealthyAlternatives from Godrej Nature's BasketHealthier methods of cooking like steaming, roasting, barbecuing are on the rise. Air frying in particular  have caught the fancy of those looking for a healthy meal.

The #HealthyAlternatives range of products are available across the stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. You can also order them online at www.naturesbasket.co.in or through the Nature’s Basket Android and iPhone mobile application.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Oh My Merry Mantra

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Hey, this is the season to be Merry ... to Marry with Myntra Bridal Lehenga !
We do love our Big Bright Indian Weddings. Marriage means coming together of  two happy souls , two families and friends galore. Glitz and Glamour are essential as we Indians love to dress up. The bride, the bridegroom as well as all the baraatis, especially young girls enjoy showing off in traditional Indian wears such as Lehenga-Cholis, Sharara, and other ethnic and Indo-western outfits. Sarees are a bit passe now-a-days. The younger-hep generation prefers to flaunt their washboard abs, hour-glass figures in figure-hugging Lehenga-Choli.


Myntra is a most sought after, fashion junctions committed to make us look good always, through our androids and laptops. It understands Indian styles and trends like a mind-reader. We can create our very own signature look according to our style by shopping at India's number 1 Online shopping site for fashion and lifestyle products founded in 2007 by IIT graduates.


It has all uber cool lehenga-cholis, shararas, sarees, salwar kamiz, churidar kurtas, dupatta, shawls as well as Fusion wear and Western wear comprising suits, tunics, tops, leggings, jackets, waistcoats , blazers , jeans, coats, sweat shirts, skirts , trousers , capri in various style, sizes, colors and choices to suit all budgets. Fashion accessories like watches, sunglasses, bags, jewellery to match the dresses can be selected from numerous brands available.

It hosts over 500 premium fashion and lifestyle brands to choose from, what's more there are many daily offers, discounts ranging from 40% to 60%, cash back offers with Credit and Debit cards discounts to save our precious money. 'Shop and Save' is the magic Mantra


The website is totally user friendly with detailed product information, aided by pictures to select best quality products according to our choices and buy them as per our budgets. It saves our valuable time, big time by offering shopping flexibility. We can shop to our heart's content and leg's comfort, sitting at home, sipping soup, or munching momos, any time of the day. It features fashion, style, grooming tips, quiz. It's best features loved by Indian customers are COD ( Cash On Delivery ), full time ( 24*7 ) Customer Support and Easy Returns.


Myntra has recently launched Tribe by Amrapali ( Jaipur based major jewellery brand well known for its elegant personification of India's heritage through its boutique and handcrafted jewellery.)

It has also introduced a revolutionary 'Try and Buy' concept for consumers to enjoy a hassle free online shopping. This new feature will be initially available in NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Jaipur and Bangalore on a trial basis.                                   

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Coming Home to IITM

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"Pravase manuja chaturya yetase"  ( Travelling adds worldly wisdom to humankind ) goes an Old saying , which is very much relevant in the New Modern-World too. 

Internet , Virtual Reality, may have brought the world together in few Senses but the main Essence ( flavor ) of travelling to numerous places in person, absorbing the atmosphere through fragrances, touches is Missing Multiple times. 

The one & Only option to enjoy various lovely places is Real Time travelling with Family and friends. There is no alternative to this Pure Bliss of travelling. The Majestic Memories of our Family / Friendly trips / picnics are Timeless Treasures, which could never be measured in Materialistic Money.

IITM ( India International Travel Mart ) is India's premier and annual trade, travel & tourism exhibition / event being held from 23rd September to 25th September 2016 in Mumbai ( Nesco ground, BEC ), this year. It rotates at India's major markets i.e. Mumbai , Bangalore , Chennai , Hyderabad , Pune , Kochi , Delhi and Kolkatta.
Visit IITM , and you will be superbly spoiled for picnic / trip choices with various discount / concession schemes.

IITM exhibits many State tourism boards, Online Travel arrangements, prestigious Travel agencies, Weekend gate away properties,  products like travel accessories, credit cards, foreign exchange, baggage manufacturing, photography  gadgets,  accessories, various offers by State Tourism Boards and much more . IITM is supported by Ministry of tourism of India.


IITM Mumbai was inaugurated by Boujdaria Jamel-Deputy Chief of Mission, First Counsellor, Embassy of Tunisia, Swati Kale-General Manager-MTDC and Mahmood Ahmad Shah-Director Tourism, Kashmir. 

IITM-Venue: Bombay Exhibition Center, Hall no-6, Nesco Complex Goregaon East

A once a year opportunity to meet over 1​50 participants from over 5 countries and 15 Indian states at IITM

Explore International destinations and meet travel partners from Tunisia, Seychelles, Dubai, Turkey, Nepal, Maldives,​UK, Greece ​ and more.

IITM showcases travel , tourism, hospitality, leisure and other related industries. It unites the industry with travel trade, corporate buyer and consumers in a luxurious and festive ambiance.
Meet travel industry from ​Maharashtra, ​Gu​jarat, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, ​Karnataka​, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, ​Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, ​Tamil Nadu, ​Rajasthan, ​etc. ·


Great occasion to plan and chose event venues and locations.​

 ​Participants from over 15 distinct travel segments - International Travel, wholesalers, Pilgrimage travel, Adventure, hotels & resorts, travel agents & tour operators, online travel portals, travel technology .

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